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About Our Massage Gun

Our massage guns work the same way as getting a physical deep tissue massage, only much quicker! The massage gun hits the muscle with multiple strokes which in turn increases blood flow to the area which brings oxygen and nutrients into the muscle alleviating any "muscle knots". 

Our massage guns come with multiple heads so you can hit different parts of your body. For example if you would like to hit your traps you can use the fork head which will more easily get into that muscle. 

It is recommened to use the massage gun for approximately 30 seconds to 2/3 minutes per muscle group. You should feel relief and be able to be a little more aggresive in terms of output as you massage the muscle. 

The massage gun can be used by anyone who suffers from muscle pain due to tightness or "muscle knots". This can be caused by working out, sports or even just day to day activities.

*Please note that it is not recommended to use a massage gun on a muscle injury.*

Our standard delivery time is 1 - 3 days (Monday - Friday). Please note that during busy periods (eg. Christmas) this may be delayed depending on how busy An Post are with deliveries. 


Yes! All of our items come with a 12 month warranty.


Shipping is free on all of our massage guns to anywhere in Ireland. 

Yes! As soon as it is shipped an email will be sent to you with the tracking ID so you can track your order.

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