Are you looking for a way to recover your muscles at home without the expense of going to a physio or physical therapist? If you are an avid gym goer, athlete or even are just struggling with tight muscles then you will know how debilitating it is to have tight and sore muscles. By using one of our deep tissue massage guns you can work on your muscle recovery from the comfort of your home and for free! All you need is one of our top of the range deep tissue massage guns and you can massage your own muscles using the percussive massage therapy from the massage gun.

Benefits Of Using Our Deep Tissue Massage Gun:

  • Release lactic acid: after exercising lactic acid builds up in your muscles which can lead to muscle tightness, soreness and DOMS.
  • Injury Prevention: A lot of injuries are caused by muscles cramps and lack of proper recovery. By using our massage gun you can improve blood and oxygen flow to your muscle so that the muscle can recover faster.
  • Rehab: Using our deep tissue massage gun can help rehab your muscles. This should be done along with professional help of course but using our massage gun will improve oxygen and blood circulation to the muscle.
  • Range of motion: Using a massage gun after a workout can increase range of motion in the muscles.
  • Scar tissue: using our massage gun will break down scar tissue which can cause tightness in the muscle.

Exercising regularly can cause knots in the muslce which can make the muscle tight and inhibit range. Myofascial release is a fancy word term for getting the knots of your muscles. This is achieved by using the safe method of massaging out the myofascial tissue to elminate any pain and restore the range of motion in the muscle. Traditionally this is done by foam rolling or by going to a physiotherapist. Now you can do this at home with one of our top of the range massage guns!

You might have seen these massage guns in your local gym or physio rooms. They are small power drill looking pieces of technology that use vibration therapy. Vibration therapy uses rapid bursts of pressure from the head of the massager which will repeatedly hit the muscle causing a ripple affect.

A 2014 study suggests that vibration therapy such as used by the massage gun are effective in preventing the delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) meaning that you will be less sore after a workout.

Our flagship massage gun has a 15kg pressure baring from a pressure motor. This means that you will have more than enough pressure to massage the muscle with its soft pressure head. It has 4 gears which means that you can choose how rapidly the massage head is hitting your muscle. Order online today and get free delivery nationwide. Our typical delivery time is 1 – 3 working days on the island of Ireland.